Automobile Accident and Dog Bite Claims

Many law firms handle personal injury claims. Most of those you see heavily advertising on television and phone books need to generate an enormous amount of large fee cases just to pay their advertising budget and their large staff including many paralegals and even nurses. Most injury claims are not so complex that these personnel are needed to properly handle the claim. These firms often charge a high contingency fee and only want to handle cases involving "serious injuries."

Our firm is different. We don't have the large overhead of a lot of firms so our contingent fees are lower. Depending on the injuries sustained and the clarity of liability, we usually charge less than a 1/3 contingent fee for cases that resolve without filing suit. There is no fee for the case evaluation in all personal injury matters. Your case also will be handled personally by the attorney who has been representing the injured for many years. In many large personal injury law firms, it is difficult for the client to speak with the attorney responsible for his case.