Defenses to a collection lawsuit

You may have legal defenses to a collection lawsuit.

These can best be raised by an attorney experienced in handling such suits. We have been helping people with their debt problems for many years. For example, companies and their agents filing collection law suits sometimes do not keep all of the contracts and other paperwork necessary to prove their claims in Court. Companies known as "debt buyers" such as Midland Funding, Unifund and LVNV sometimes sue people after the right to collection of a debt has been transferred multiple times from the original creditor.

Sometimes, the time within which they can legally sue on the debt has expired. Their collection tactics also sometimes violate various federal and state laws. We defend these suits for clients to ensure that the party who brought the suit is able to prove that it is legally entitled to obtain money from our clients.

We also file claims and suits on behalf of our clients against those creditors, collectors and debt buyers who fail to abide by collection laws. In so doing, we often can obtain hundreds of dollars in damages for our clients.

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