How is your office paid for handling creditor harassment cases?

In the event the claim is resolved without filing suit, the claim is handled on a contingent fee basis with the attorney collecting a percentage of the gross recovery obtained for the client from the creditor/collector as his fee.

The client must authorize any litigation should the case not be resolvable without filing suit.

Generally, attorney's fees incurred during successful litigation are recoverable from the creditor/collector and are awarded based on the amount of time expended by the attorney on the case on an hourly basis. Our standard Fee Agreement provides that if in the event of litigation our clients are not awarded attorney's fees, but are awarded damages, the attorney agrees to limit his fee so that the client receives some minimum net recovery regardless of the attorney's fees that would be due.

In the event there is no recovery on the claim, there is no fee due for the attorney's time expended on the case, but the client is responsible for reimbursing the attorney for any costs that may have been advanced by attorney, such as for court filing fees.

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